GO Kickball 101

Download the GKB 101 PDF

The Basics of GO Kickball

"GO Kickball 101" provides all the basic knowledge a captain or player needs to know to start playing GO Kickball and enjoy the full experience! Review the 4 steps to The GO Kickball Experience -- Joining the FUN, Pre-game Preparations, Game Time and Post-Game -- and you will be on your way to enjoying the experience faster, easier and worry-free!

**Note: You are welcome to read through the material below or printout a pdf hard-copy to the right, whichever is easier.

Join the Fun

How to Register

There are three ways to Register:
  1. Team Captain (create a new team)
  2. Team Invitee (join a team using an Invite Code from a Captain)
  3. Free Agent (join as an individual, and be assigned to a team)

Click Here for complete instructions on how to register for GO Kickball!

Registration Notifications

Once registration closes, Free Agents, Teams with Less Than 15 Players that are Merged, and their Team Captains will receive email notifications regarding their team assignments.

Same Team Requests (Playing with Your Friends)

Free Agents wishing to play on the same team should email a Same Team Request to the GO Kickball Team using the "Contact GKB" link at the bottom of any GOkickball.com webpage -- be sure to select your correct city on the Contact GKB form. The GO Kickball staff will make sure that you are assigned to the same team!

Team Roster

Each team must have a minimum of 15 players (including a min of 4 girls). Teams should recruit 15 players or more to avoid having other small teams or free agents added to your team. If you have less than 15 players (or less than 4 girls), there is the possibility that smaller teams and/or Free Agents will be added to your roster.

Welcome Email

After registration closes, each player will receive a Welcome Email announcing the official start of the season. It will detail everything that players need to know to kick-off the GO Kickball season!

Pre-game Preparations

Park Location and Fields

Maps of park locations are located on your respective GOkickball.com city's webpage. Our on-site Field Supervisor will direct teams to their respective playing fields once at the park the first week.

Team Communications

Captains should email their teams weekly regarding game schedule and League Bar details.

Game Day Attire

Players should wear their team t-shirt, athletic shoes, and athletic pants/shorts. Team t-shirts will be distributed before the first game starts.

  • Cleats - Depending on league rules, cleat usage will be announced in the Welcome Email. For parks prohibiting cleats, turf and gym shoes are permitted. All players must wear shoes. No bare feet!

What to Bring to Games

  • Captains - lineup cards with defensive field positions and lineups for their team.
  • All players - sports bottles are allowed, but cans, bottles, and cups are prohibited.

**Note: Bring your official GKB kickball to practice and warm-up. CLICK HERE to purchase kickballs.

Practice (Pre-season or During Season)

GO Kickball does not require teams to practice. It is encouraged to increase camaraderie, teamwork and kickball skills. It is the Captain's responsibility to organize practices should a team wish to hold them.

Game Time

Game Start

Players should arrive 15 minutes prior to game time to warm-up and prepare their lineups. All games will begin on time.

Required Number of Players

Teams must have at least 8 players, with a minimum of 4 girls, in order to be game eligible. Teams can have 11 players on the field each inning and unlimited players in their kicking lineup. Note that all players that play in the field must kick.

Kicking Lineup

Captains must create a kicking lineup before the game, and exchange a copy with the other team. All players that play in the field during the game must kick. Late players are added to the end of the lineup. Lineup Cards can be downloaded under the GAME DOCUMENTS link on the right side of the GOkickball.com page.

Field Positions

When a team is on defense, no more than 11 players (including a minimum of 4 girls) may take the field at a time. If a team has fewer than 11 players, the Catcher position is optional.

Referees/Field Managers

All GO Kickball Referees and Field Managers have completed a training and certification program to better officiate all games. They are in charge of their respective fields and the on-site authority regarding the official rules and regulations.

GO Kickball Rules

Kickball rules are a mixture of baseball and soccer, but have many differences. It is important that all players review the rules and regulations on the GOkickball.com website. CLICK HERE to read official rules.

Game Over

Games last either 7 innings or one hour in length, whichever comes first. If there is still time available, then a tie game may proceed into extra innings until time runs out, otherwise the result is a tie.


League Bar!

All players are encouraged to visit their designated League Bar for postgame festivities including significant food & drink specials, bar games, and opportunities to socialize with other players and teams.

Game Scores and Season Standings

Game scores are posted on your respective city's webpage under Current Season Info within 48 hours. From that same page, you can also find a team's power rankings and league standings.


  • Each season is comprised of 7 regular season games followed by the League Tournament.
  • The winners of each league qualify to compete in the City Championship, if your city has multiple leagues.
  • The winners of each city are invited to compete in the annual GO Kickball National Championship.

Parties and Events

There are a variety of parties and events held throughout the season, including the Kickoff Party, Theme Week, Season Finale' party, New Years Eve parties, and charity tournaments among others.