Talent Scout

We are excited to introduce the Talent Scout League Director referral program. Our program provides a great opportunity for you to share the fun, outgoing, vibrant, social experience of GO Kickball with your friends in new cities, help them experience the many great benefits of being part of the GO Kickball team, help them significantly supplement their income, and help them gain valuable business experience from operating the GO Kickball experience in their respective city.

The best part is the good you are doing for your friends and they will appreciate you for it -- all the while being compensated $1,000 for your generosity!

Our 2018 Talent Scout program is only for a limited time and ends, June 30th so get started and make the most of it while you can.


Be rewarded for simply referring friends, family, colleagues, or acquaintances to operate leagues in a city.


Do you know an outgoing, organized, driven person who would be interested in operating a GO Kickball league? You are welcome to refer as many friends, family, colleagues or acquaintances as you would like. Click here to check out the League Director roles and responsibilities.


The "Talent Scout" League Director referral program is now OPEN and ENDS, June 30th, 2018!


  1. Review our list of current cities here
  2. Identify a few friends, colleagues, or acquaintances that do not live in one of our current cities.
  3. Click here to view what is involved with running a league
  4. Share opportunity with your friends, and gather their interest
  5. Fill out our Refer A Friend Form

Pay Day?

The referrer (You) is paid based on the referral (your friend) being hired and operating a league successfully. The total referral pay is disbursed in 3 equal increments: 1/3 paid after 1st game is completed, 1/3 after 1st season is completed, and 1/3 after second season is completed.

Refer A Friend

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Direct Deposit
*GO Sports Credit

*Note: If you select GO Sports Credit you will receive an automatic 15% bonus.